Social Media: I've Become Comfortably Dumb

I have spent a large part of my adult life (20 years) online and for the most part focused on the email marketing industry.  But over the last few years have become more involved in the social media world.  I write blog posts for my company as well as a few other sites.  I’m also a big fan and user of Twitter.  But that is really the extent of my social media world.

I’m not on Facebook; I just don’t see the value when it comes to B2B which is the world I live in.  Sure I could connect with friends on Facebook and maybe family, though I try to avoid them online.  I don’t need people posting pictures or videos of their pets singing or dancing or of their children putting Cheerios up their nose.  Funny as some of those things are, I’m much more focused on work when I’m online.

I also don’t get the “Be my friend” thing.  It always seems a bit pathetic and sad.  “Be my friend and I’ll be your friend.”  Seems a bit like junior High School all over again.  Someone passes you a note that says: I like you do you like me?  Check Yes or No.  Then all these crazy people get to post annoying and stupid stuff to your wall whether you like it or not.  I guess there’s some value for B2C companies, but I just don’t get it.

Twitter makes sense to me, what social network makes sense to you?

Now Twitter makes sense for B2B and B2C, at least to me.  I can follow people whom I find interesting and valuable and if they stop being such, I just stop following them.  At first I would follow everyone who followed me, big mistake on my part.  Many people on Twitter just want to get large number of followers and don’t worry about the value of the people who they follow.

For me Twitter has been a valuable social media tool to connect with others in the email marketing and social media space.  I’ve also made a few business connections for new clients as well as sending business to others.  I also meet and hired a new employee through our interactions on Twitter.

So it seems I’ll stick with blogging and using Twitter for my needs when it comes to social.  As for Facebook and other social media sites, I guess I’ve become comfortably dumb. I don’t see the value or ROI for time spent.

This of course is just my humble opinion.  Which social media sites do you find valuable for your business?  Leave a comment and maybe you’ll teach me something.

Cheers, Chris