The Real Time Web: Social Media Conference RealtimeNY11

It’s a real time world today where people and brands interact over multiple social channels live. That changes the rules quite a bit for marketers and means companies must shift priorities, resources and even culture to accommodate this new reality.

And it’s all happening so fast! Today we see senior positions for social media managers where just a few years ago, they didn’t exist. Corporations are recognizing the importance of social media and building processes and policies to leverage it.

All of this social restructuring among brands is happening in real time as well and that means we’ve seen some problems and some errors. Hopefully, those problems and errors help us all learn more about how we can better serve customers and corporate objectives. However, it’s not always obvious who you should be drawing inspiration from in the social media space.

Events such as Realtime NY11 can help with the knowledge transfer of social media for business. Formerly, TWTRCON, the RealtimeNY11 conference takes place in New York City on June 6th at the B.B. King Blues Club right off Times Square. The event focuses on the real time Web with the social and mobile possibilities it offers with applications such as FourSquare, Twitter, etc.

Speakers include social media execs from such brands as Citibank, the NHL, McDonald’s and Gatorade, just to name a very few. You can find the agenda for the event here.