World Social Media Day, June 30th, Antwerp Belgium

World Social Media Day, June 30th, Antwerp Belgium

While “GTs” or “Get Togethers” are not new to social media, made it all official in 2010 when they began promoting June 30th as the official worldwide social media day. Aside from lending the idea some good credibility, Mashable was also smart enough to provide some social media tools as a way for locals to promote and organize events around the world.

Initially no one could be sure just how well this event would do, but it didn’t take long for the momentum of social to take over and drive Social Media Day on to great success around the globe.

The structure of the events range from strictly casual GTs at local watering holes to more formal events depending on what level of organization takes root locally.

Last year the team at and, helped organize Belgium’s first Social Media Day and we are proud to say it was one of the most successful events worldwide!

Get a taste of our 2010 Social Media Day in Antwerp! Check out this video!

Last year’s Social Media Day in Antwerp focused more on people socializing, sharing insight and just having a damn good time. However, this year we plan to offer a bit more content in the form of workshops and guest speakers. This will be optional and it’s up to you to choose what you want to do at Social Media Day 2011 in Antwerp. You can come for the friends, the music, the food or the content – it’s totally up to you. Frankly, the only difference for this year will be that we’ll have a great deal more for you to miss if you don’t make it! So, don’t miss this one!

We aren’t just limiting this to people in Antwerp or even Belgium either! We’re inviting anyone who loves social media and will be in the area or would like to visit one of Europe’s most beautiful and lively cities to share Social Media Day with us! Who knows, maybe a certain Canuck will dash over with some ice wine to toast SMD with you!

This year’s Antwerp Social Media Day will once again be held at Hangar 26 which is one very cool venue with plenty of room for you to kick up your heels and make some noise! Details on admission price, workshops and special guests will be announced soon.

For more information about Social Media Day in Antwerp, Belgium, check out the official site:!

We’ve posted important questions and answers for you there!

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