Will Twitter More Than Triple Revenues In 2011?

People may be all “a twitter” about Twitter, but can it make any money? That’s a question that comes up quite a bit regarding one of the leading social media platforms on the planet right now.

The buzz about Twitter is undeniable, but the discussion regarding it’s effectiveness as a marketing channel is also inescapable.

Generating some revenue growth certainly won’t hurt where credibility is concerned and eMarketer states that some of that cold hard credibility should be coming Twitter’s way this year.

eMarketer is predicting Twitter could earn $150 million in revenue in 2011. That’s a big boost considering they brought in about $45 million in 2010 – the first year they sold advertising.

It should keep getting better according to eMarketer, which is predicting Twitter revenues will grow to $250 million by 2012. But eMarketer cautions that Twitter must live up to the hype.

Twitter must continue to grow its user base and convince marketers it has value in social media marketing. 2010 may have been the year of social, but 2011 is the year Twitter has to work like crazy to cement a strong foundation in social marketing.

eMarketer predicts that Twitter monetization efforts will go into overdrive this year with their Promoted Products suite and upcoming launch of their self-serve ad platform.

Twitter advertising revenues: eMarketer predictions

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