Will Social Media Kill the Cold-Call?

As an experienced email marketer and social media freshman, I have noticed an interesting trend to my online life.  I have found it much easier to connect with potential clients and industry partners through my use of social media.  In reality, it’s been mostly on Twitter where I found this to be true.

Introductions are made much easier after a few retweets, #FF and short conversations.  The need and want to reach out and learn more about these fascinating people has given me opportunities to talk and interact with people whom I might never have had the chance to meet.

From social connection to call and back

On more than one occasion I’ve taken the initiative to ask a fellow tweeter if they’d like to have a quick intro phone call to chat and put a voice with the tweet.  This has always been received well and I’ve created a few very good friendships this way.  I’ve also been lucky enough to have picked-up some new business as well as sent some business to others.

In the old days it might have taken many emails and phone calls to get to the person you’d like to connect with for business opportunities.  Now it seems that with some genuine effort and taking time to building a social media report with people, these connections are much easier and might I say more fruitful.

Keep in mind I’m not saying you should tweet all your followers for a phone intro.  Just the opposite;  I think if you find through the short social media conversations you have similar subject matter, you may find a few choice people to which you may want to reach out to and take that connection to another level.  Be respectful, as not everyone in the Social realm wants to or even has the time or inclination to make such connections.

But when two like-minded people connect, it can bear fruit in the way of:  shared industry knowledge, new business for one or both of you and of course friendship.  With social, you are no longer constrained by geography; a friend in another country can be invaluable when you find yourself with potential clients in those countries.  Not to mention with Skype, no long distance charges.

So take a chance and reach out from the social media cloud and make a new vocal connection.  I bet you’ll find some wonderful people out there who will enrich you life and your business.  It’s sure better than a cold-call.

Have you made any valuable new friends or business connections on Twitter, Facebook, etc?  I’d like to hear your stories, please feel free to comment.

Cheers, Chris