Viral Video: Using a Ballerina for B2B marketing

A viral video is a not something you can order at your local agency. You can create a video and design for virality but in the end, it’s the audience that decides if it goes viral or not.

It all depends on the content of the video and what it triggers, often more than on the quality. The most successful videos are home videos, the humorous ones or the ones that touch emotions (which doesn’t always mean a tear or a smile as is too often the case).

Ingredients for a viral video are simple: make it unique, something so special people want to share it with their friends.

From a B2B perspective, however, it’s not always easy to come up with a good idea for viral marketing success. Or so it seems…

Viral video for Volvo trucks

The people from Volvo Trucks managed to create a video that went viral within two days. The emotion: suspense. Although you do know it will have a happy ending, you still want to watch the movie until…the end.

The message is clear. The words matching the video and the brand are “trust”, “precision”, “stability”, “security”, “reliability” and “strength”. Words that matter for the Volvo Trucks brand.

This viral video was probably an expensive one as it was done in collaboration with Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero (James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean) and directed by Academy Award nominee Henry Alex Rubin.

The video was viewed 430.000 times in only two days. Not bad for branding and probably more…