Tweet Tips: 12 Ways to Tweet the Same Thing

Just tweeting a subject line and link from a blog (be a post by you or a post on another blog) is not always the most effective way to drive traffic to the post. If the subject line is really good, that can certainly be effective, but there are other options to get people’s attention with your tweets. Be creative with your tweets and mix it up! As with subject lines, a little originality and creativity can really make your tweets stand out.

Not all of these approaches would be suitable for use by you about your own posts. As well, not all of these examples as written will suit your personal style – the categorization I’ve done should be more helpful creatively than the actual examples. You have to decide what your style is and work it for all it’s worth. Be yourself and have fun! Just consider these examples some food for thought.

The quote
“Be creative with your tweets and mix it up!”

The librarian
Reading: Tweet Tips by @hugheadca

The fan
Love this! (subject/topic)

The who’s who
Social marketers will find these tweet tips useful!

The question
Top tweet tips! OK did I miss any?

The statistician (if the post has statistics you can tweet them)

“9 out of 10 people could be more creative with their tweets”

The conversationalist
Great discussion going on at (link) about tips for effective tweets!

The commentator
I think @hugeheadca missed several good tips, but maybe you disagree?

The provocateur
Your tweets just aren’t cutting it! Here’s some help!

The call-to-action
Tweet better with these tweet tips!

The how-to
Getting more people to notice your tweets.

The accomplishment
I just learned how to get more traffic with better tweets!

It’s really easy to fall into a routine where you just cut and paste the subject of a post and tweet it. Sure, your subject line should always be “tweetable”, but try to stay a way from being “formatic” with your tweets. This can get stale very fast and if you don’t make an effort to try and stand out, I can promise you won’t.

I know I missed some, but what I really want to do here is get you to add your tweet tips too! Jump in and comment with your suggestions and let’s see if we can stir some creative juices!