Ten Blogging Lessons from Chris Brogan

2012 is the year of oversaturation. On social media too. So says Chris Brogan. He has a point. You know the phenomenon. There is too much ‘noise’. And we need filters.

Content curation” is hot. That’s why Twitter acquired Summify. We will scale down.

We live in a consumption society, says Brogan. “People can barely read a tweet.” We must keep everything brief. Ten blogging lessons.

1. Use bullet points. Keep it short and clear.

2. Short sentences are important. Don’t write a word too much. Cut.

3. One remarkable idea is better than many small ideas.

4. Don’t focus too much on what others think about you. Be yourself. But connect.

5. If you can articulate your ideas well, simple ideas are also good.

6. Chunk your content, so people can consume it.

7. Product demos can be interesting.

8. Highlight the most interesting people in your community. Interview them.

9. Don’t write nasty posts about your competitors.

10. Don’t forget the occasional blog series.

That’s it. Short and sweet. Of course, Chris has many valid points. The blogging rules. However, it matters more now. Because we live in a consumption society. People want snacks. Infographics. Bullet points. The consumer rules.

Can it occasionally be long? Chris says yes. If it is valuable; for ‘Generation Now’. The hurried connected consumer. Not for yourself. Consumption matters. We must serve. In real-time. Now. Snacks. For the consumption society.

Read Chris his 97 tips. Here.