Report: Future Plans for Focus in Social Marketing

According to the study, YouTube came out on top as the channel where most marketers plan to increase their efforts. 77% stated they would be doing more on YouTube and/or video marketing. 82% of those companies with 1000 or more employees indicated this as a key growth area.

Social Relationships: Why You Want Old Friends And Not Only Digital Natives

Perhaps I am generalizing, but older people tend to know the value of relationships better than many younger people do. They understand the importance of communicating with their family and friends. They’ve had a lifetime to understand that there is nothing more important in this world than the relationships you build.

Avoid Social Media Marketing Wobble Worry: Select

According to a new report, time and resources are the biggest hurdle preventing marketers from entry into the social channel. Many companies are trying to be in too many social media places at once and have too many plates spinning at the same time. Select your goals and channels, depending on your business and customers.