PR And Social Media Survey: Mixed Findings For 2011

Vocus has released their 2011 Planning Survey and there are some very interesting findings and stats highlighted in the report. Take a good look at your corporate culture and consider if you really are an active participant in the social media channel and all the others which today’s cross-channel consumers thrive in.

Sarah Evans: Social Media Allows Us to Break Boundaries

Sarah Evans is a public relations and new media consultant, working with many non profit, social good and technology companies. A self-described “social media freak,” Sarah initiated and moderates #journchat, the weekly live chat between PR professionals, journalists and bloggers on Twitter. An interview.

The Possibilities of Blogging and Blog Marketing Are Underused

The possibilities of blogging are definitely not being put to optimal use. A lot of companies have no blog. This is unfortunate because blogs are real social media hubs and cornerstones of inbound marketing. But more importantly, blogs are read.