Social Media Day Open Forum: You’ve Got Questions! We’ve Got Answers!

Social Media Day by design is a pretty free-form event. Some local events are strictly GT parties and some are trying to add a little more. At the Social Media Day event at Hangar 26 in Antwerp on June 30th, J-P De Clerk and team have put together a great party and networking event! But, they also have decided to include the opportunity for people to gain and share knowledge and insight on social media marketing.

Everyone has questions about social media and especially about leveraging it for marketing, even those of us who might be considered knowledgeable or even “expert” at it. At the event, from 5 PM to 6 PM, there will an open social media forum with Olivier Blanchard, where you can ask your questions and get answers and insight from a thought leader in social media.

Now, one hour is almost certainly not going to be enough, so you can also ask your questions via email, comment, our LinkedIn group or even Facbook. J-P has assembled an all-star team of social media pros who will review the questions and answer them.

As well, and I’m very happy to say that you can ask your questions right here! Leave a comment with your question and we’ll get you an answer fast!

Once we’ve collected all the questions and shared answers and insight, we should have some great material for some very enlightening posts after the event!