The Nonlinear Buying Journey of The Cross-Channel Social Customer

The funnel is everything but linear and was it ever linear to start with? Only when you can track someone you can draw some conclusions with the necessary reserves. This applies for both B2B and B2C, although there are differences. It is however clear that the way to a purchase is ‘nonlinear’ and not a simple funnel.

Social CRM: Customer-Centricity And The Need For Redefinitions

Customer-centric thinking and working is the main driver in all marketing changes, we are going through, including social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Customer-centricity is not some kind of slogan. It’s a necessity for businesses and is achieved through direct and indirect processes of listening, understanding, providing relevance and optimizing the value of content, interactions …

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A Good Reason to Invest in B2B Marketing Content: Sales

Content plays such a crucial role in this digital era that a new discipline has evolved around it: ‘content marketing’. Content is important in both B2C and B2B marketing. Look at how content is used in lead management, customer interactions and discover how B2B content marketing ultimately is…sales.