Marketing ROI

Survey Looks At ROI Of Web Site, Email, Mobile And Social: Comments And Context

According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of respondents realized the highest return from email marketing and their company website. Those same channels are top of the priority list for spending among 46% of respondents. So, do corporations just not get social and mobile or are these channels simply not effective?

Measuring ROI on Content Marketing and Creation

Measuring ROI on content marketing is not straightforward; that is why most firms put measurement on the back burner. But measuring doesn’t have to be difficult. Ardath Albee and Maria Pergolino on content marketing and creation ROI.

Calculating the Value of the Customer Life Cycle

The value of the customer life cycle, also called CLV, looks at the investments we plan to make for the customers (retention, sales, promotion, customer service, etc) and the return we expect from the customers. CLV has everything to do with the present and the future. An introduction.