Parents are Social and Cross Channel Consumers

According to a report from Media Audit on social media users, where we happen to be in life means different frequency and usage of different channels. It won’t come as any surprise that younger respondents with no kids are the most active on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. However, the study also found that adults with children were much more likely to be on social sites.

The Nonlinear Buying Journey of The Cross-Channel Social Customer

The funnel is everything but linear and was it ever linear to start with? Only when you can track someone you can draw some conclusions with the necessary reserves. This applies for both B2B and B2C, although there are differences. It is however clear that the way to a purchase is ‘nonlinear’ and not a simple funnel.

Survey Looks At ROI Of Web Site, Email, Mobile And Social: Comments And Context

According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of respondents realized the highest return from email marketing and their company website. Those same channels are top of the priority list for spending among 46% of respondents. So, do corporations just not get social and mobile or are these channels simply not effective?