10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting with Social Media Marketing

One of the things I get asked very often when a conversation hits the subject of social media is : “How can we do something that will create value through social media?” Over time I have come up with the following 10 questions you should ask yourself before entering the landscape of social media.

1. What do we wish to gain?

Be clear on your overall objective or else it’s impossible to say if social media even is the right place to put your efforts.

2. Who are we targeting?

In general online is very transparent, be clear on your target group.

3. Are there alignments and are we supporting the overall corporate strategy with our initiative?

Without alignment with the corporate strategy, there is no chance that you will be truthful towards your target group or stand a chance in supporting the company with the initiative.

4. What are our resources – manpower and financial?

Its not for free to create value within social media, and often it’s advisable to make long term plans.

5. Do we have the necessary insights and knowledge about the media?

It’s not enough having a hunch or being a social media user yourself. Would you ever start buying and using a TV or Radio without understanding and maybe counselling from your advertising- and your media agency? I’ve been working for TV & Radio for 10 years, and I can guarantee you that the complexity of social media is 10 times that of TV & Radio.

6. How do we enable interaction and dialogue – how do we handle interaction and dialogue?

One of the larges values lies within creating interactions and dialogues, so ask yourself – do you want it, how do you get it and how do you handle it.

7. Who is responsible for the project in the organisation in the long run?

All initiatives need a sustainable plan and often, social media initiatives fall in different parts of the organisation. If it’s a marketing department initiative, who will maintain it for 6 months, most likely not marketing.

8. How can we ensure understanding and collaboration within the rest of our organisation?

Like all other initiatives that are successful in a company is successful, it’s a team effort.

9. How do we integrate the project into other communication, marketing or company activities?

It just makes sense to integrate and make synergies between social media initiatives and other activities, but no doubt it’s seldom being done.

10. How do we secure distribution?

NO it’s not just going viral, one in a million initiatives might create a buzz, go viral, act like word-of-mouth on ecstasy. All other initiatives need a distribution strategy. This can be everything from integration in other activities, SEO, SEM, Social Ads, other online ads and so on. You will need a distribution plan!