Social Media Marketing Metrics Explained

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In his book ‘Social Media Metrics’, Jim Sterne provides an excellent overview of a topic that is still debated every single day: how to measure the impact of social media marketing on your business. An introduction to social media marketing metrics. Social media marketing is an umbrella term that covers many underlying forms of marketing. Measuring can be easy if you limit it to one or a few channels. However, vanity metrics are not enough and, although everyone talks Big Data, measuring should really be about data that matter. And by definition that means a single customer view. Measuring is a cross-channel, integrated, touchpoint-oriented, behavior-driven and customer-centric process that looks at the customer (buying journey) and overall value of marketing programs, starting from the individual campaigns and programs but striving towards an overall picture of marketing as a whole. And of course it's not only about measuring or dashboards (the picture): it's about people, … [Read more...]

Jim Sterne: Social Media KPIs Depend on the Individual Organization and Goals

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A while ago I talked with Jim Sterne about his latest book Social Media Metrics, a must for everyone that wants to have a measured and valuable social media marketing approach. Read Jim's thoughts on social media KPIs and metrics. In a short interview I asked Jim what metrics and KPIs marketers should take into account regarding social media marketing. But I also wanted to know what he thought about all these new metrics and KPIs we are introducing all the time when it comes down to social media. What can be measured and what can’t? This is what Jim answered: “Social media KPIs are all dependent on the individual organization and its goals. But generally, we are looking at 'impressions' or reach. How many people had the opportunity to see the message? Next, we want to track influence to see whom we should be catering to and making sure we treat them well. Then, there's the question of sentiment - something we may never be able to monitor technically - to help us get a handle on … [Read more...]