Optimizing the Digital and Social Customer Experience

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Since McKinsey wrote about the 'consumer decision journey' and smart B2B marketers started looking at the customer, his life cycle and his journey first, the attention for that journey has never been higher. In its 2009 article on the consumer decision journey McKinsey wrote "Consumers are moving outside the purchasing funnel—changing the way they research and buy your products. If your marketing hasn’t changed in response, it should". It’s 2013. Yet, less has changed than should have. Time to start a series on optimizing the digital and social customer experience in a holistic digital business perspective. A customer-centric and multi-channel view, based upon the customer journey, in correlation with for instance content marketing as it's called now, touchpoints and persuasion/conversion architectures is not new. In B2B marketing we' ve been using it for quite some time. But apparently it's rather new in social media marketing and other marketing techniques. And it also seems … [Read more...]

Four Multi-Channel and Touchpoint Marketing Models

Touchpoint Performance Model - source iMedia

Most marketers are starting to integrate their marketing channels and marketing automation is clearly taking the lead regarding the technology. Better late than never. However, simple integration will not be enough. While in multi-channel marketing the focus is still often on the channels, touchpoint marketing provides alternatives that revolve around individual customer and prospect touchpoints. A nice depiction of the typical multi-channel marketing is this graphic by Twiss that takes into account buyer life cycle, strategy, tactics, marketing goals and more without emphasizing the channels too much. Thanks to Dave Chaffey for sharing and commenting on it. … [Read more...]

comScore: the Shopping and Customer Experiences Across Buying Stages


Excellent customer experiences and relevant touchpoints, across all channels, are rapidly becoming the focal point for smart marketers. Customer satisfaction is not a goal anymore. It is – or should be – a basic component of your business DNA. All customer experiences must be optimized to move beyond the level of satisfaction. Obviously, perfection is a goal and seldom a reality in business (or in life, for that matter). In the end, it’s about people. However, increasing customer satisfaction and raising it to the next level by striving towards perfect experiences is an ongoing task, whatever role you have in sales, marketing, management, support or any other function. Shopping-related customer experiences are obviously crucial, before, during and – let’s not forget it – after the purchase. … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: When Stories, Emotions and People Meet

Joe Pulizzi

Content, my passion, has for many years been treated as the ugly duckling of the online marketing universe. Today however, this seems to have changed. Or better, from the European perspective I maybe should say “it starts to change”. Yes, I'm talking about content marketing. Exchanging ideas and thoughts on content marketing with some European friends, content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi, Bob Gilbreath and Wunderman's David Sable, confirmed a lot of viewpoints and resulted in new ideas and views. This post is the start of a series of posts covering these thought exchanges. Those who provide pertinent content in a creative way and in function of the customer or prospect, his preferences and the touchpoints across his buying journey have an enormous, competitive advantage. … [Read more...]