Conversion: 18 Reasons Why People Leave your Website

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Attention and interest are scarce on the Web. So, when you have the attention of the Internet user taking the effort to visit your site, it's important to provide them what they want fast, the safe route to conversion. Removing hurdles to that quest is one of the goals of conversion optimization. Take away frustrations and optimize the customer experience. Kissmetrics made an interesting infographic, showing eight reasons why people leave a website and adding tips to avoid it. We added a few more so you can have a better conversion rate by looking at what people want and...don't want. … [Read more...]

The Two Second Rule

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How long do you have to make an impression when you engage visitors online? Whether it's welcoming a visitor to your site or social presence, the answer seems "not very long at all". But, exactly how long do you have to make visitors “Think, Feel, Do”?! To understand the effectiveness of your online presences in communicating with visitors, and especially first time visitors, you have to put yourselves in the customers shoes. Judging by many sites, some design and marketing folks expect visitors to lean-back, pour themselves a cup of tea and enjoy the “immersive experience” they have built. Perhaps that's why the simplicity and standard layout of social sites is more appealing to many visitors - they don't have the time or the urge to learn a new site. So how long is too long? When doing a heuristic review of a site I always apply the 2 second rule. It’s a good rule of thumb to assess whether a companies offer and services are clear. Here’s why I use this rule of thumb, counting … [Read more...]