10 Stats: Why is Grandma Using Facebook and Uncle Joe Using Twitter?

10 Stats: Why is Grandma Using Facebook and Uncle Joe Using Twitter?

10 Social Media Statistics That May Surprise You: The social media landscape is changing at a rapid rate.  The reason?  More people are joining the “social media game” everyday....some who you wouldn’t even expect! Recently I was looking at some very interesting statistics reported by Yougov.com which illustrated some very interesting trends.  I thought I would share them with you as they may just change the way you think about sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Here are the top 10 social media statistics that just might surprise you: 1.  3 out of 5 Facebook users access the site more than once per day AND the younger the user, the more they log on. 2.  Men are more likely to use Twitter or YouTube. 3.  Woman go on Facebook multiple times per day. 4.  Some of the most staggering growth has been in the 55 plus market.  Over 40% of 55+ social networkers have been registered on the sites for less than two years! 5.  Even more interesting? 28% of … [Read more...]

5 LinkedIn Must Haves

Linkedin recruiting

With everyone going on about the wonders of Facebook and Twitter, our poor friend LinkedIn sometimes gets left out in the cold.  While not one of the most visible sites, it is definitely one of the most powerful.  With millions of people from all over the globe taking part in the conversation on LinkedIn, it is definitely a place online where your audience thrives. What I usually hear when I speak to prospective clients about LinkedIn is that "I'm not B2B, I'm B2C.  LinkedIn will never work for me."  Aside from that statement oddly rhyming, that statement can't be more false.  Whether you are B2B or B2C, you can carve out your own audience on LinkedIn.  I've said this quite a bit, and lately people have been asking me to put my money where my mouth is asking "Can you prove that there is ROI in LinkedIn?"  My answer, "Absolutely!" About 60% of my business comes from LinkedIn.  True. While my firm may be unique, we handle accounts for a wide array of clientele that get results … [Read more...]

The Power of @

Online marketing : Power of @

All hail the "Grand Pubah" of typographic symbols: the “@”!  This thought came to mind the other evening when it occurred to me that this symbol has leapt out of obscurity to common use in the last decade. It has come from the humble origins of the commercial and accounting invoice and risen to be the internet equivalent of “Super Glue”. If you’re reading this, you use the “at” symbol every day to connect. It is the digital equivalent of the Dickensian doorknocker – it even resembles that antiquated device slightly. It’s become so common it’s sometimes substituted for the very word “at”. From email to Twitter to forums and blogs the “@” symbol is more important than even the almighty period; end of sentence. Considering the abuse grammar takes at my hands and others, I wonder how our English teachers can stand it. Almost like Elvis, all it took was for one guy to pluck it from obscurity in 1971 and a star was born. Raymond Tomlinson came up with the idea of using it as a way to … [Read more...]

The New Reality of eCRM

Gianfranco Cuzziol: The new reality of eCRM

A degree in Astrophysics wouldn’t normally lead one to a career in digital marketing, but that unlikely path is the one which Gianfranco Cuzziol has walked. Gianfranco is fascinated with the cross-channel journey of the consumer and works with clients to help them leverage points of impact along that journey. He recently joined the EHS 4 D Group as Head of eCRM, where he looks after the development of their eCRM vision, strategy and delivery. He’s worked with a number of leaders including, Publicis Dialog and Golley Slater Direct – his experience includes working with major brands such as Hewlett Packard, Zurich Global Coporate and PC World Business. Gianfranco will be in Brussels on March 23rd as one of the keynote presenters at the Fusion Marketing Experience. You can follow him on Twitter here.  An interview. Do loyalty programs actually work and do you have any tips on how marketers can make them more effective? I think they would work better or rather be measured … [Read more...]

Dave Chaffey: The Online Value Proposition

Dave Chaffey @ Fusion Marketing Experience

We’ve got a stellar line up of online marketing thought leaders as keynote speakers this year for the Fusion Marketing Experience in Brussels, March 23, 2011. Dr. Dave Chaffey is sure to be one of our big hitters! Dr. Dave Chaffey is the CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights. He’s been amassing experience and expertise in internet marketing and business technology since 1994 and has made a career out of sharing this knowledge and experience with students and professionals. He’s a much sought after consultant, passionate educator and published author. Dr. Chaffey is just the kind of chef we want cooking up new ideas about online marketing at the Fusion Marketing Experience. When we started putting this conference together, we went looking for leaders in the field who are “thought disruptors” and have a passion for bringing new ways and new ideas to share with others. It’s that passion they have for sharing ideas and the desire to help others take those ideas to the next level … [Read more...]

Oliver Blanchard: Think Beyond Marketing


Oliver Blanchard has led a pretty interesting life. He served in the French Fusiliers before moving to the US and working with a variety of B2B and B2C Fortune 500 companies and SMBs. He’s currently runs BrandBuilder Marketing and functions as senior strategist. He helps companies develop, build, integrate, manage and measure social media programs. He also helps corporations with reputation management both online and off. Oliver will be one of the keynote speakers at The Fusion Marketing Experience on March 23rd in Brussels. He’s got a lot of interesting and provocative things to say, even his blog’s bio page get’s rave comments and that’s gotta say something special about him. Here’s an excerpt from one of Oliver’s many insightful posts: “If you are using social media channels for “marketing” and mostly for campaigns, no wonder you aren’t getting any concrete results: You are doing the same old stuff that already was working marginally well five years ago, only it has … [Read more...]

What Makes Good Online Marketing Content?

What Makes Good Online Marketing Content?

  I once worked with a broadcaster who hosted the morning drive show in Ottawa, Canada. We were having lunch one day and I asked him how he prepared for his show. He explained his secret show prep method to me and as I listened, my jaw slowly started to descend. About twice a week he would board a random city bus in rush hour and ride along for an hour or two, listening to what people were talking about. Again randomly, he would choose a stop to get off at near some local breakfast diner and go in for a coffee. Once again, his objective was to be the “fly on the wall” and eavesdrop on what the talk of the day was. According to him, about one trip a week provided more than enough show prep. Doing this allowed my colleague to discern what issues were relevant and resonating with people in his market. By being aware of what people were talking about, he was able to add his own voice to the discussion and feed the conversation further. I was reminded of this when I read … [Read more...]