Renilde De Wit

Renilde De Wit is a partner of i-SCOOP and specializes in community and content management. She has experience as an online publisher and was nominated for a Junior Online Publisher Award for one of her first websites in 2001. You can follow her on Twitter here or connect with her on Google Plus.

Community Engagement: Six Tips to Engage your Community

6 tips to engage your community (photo flickr DairDair)

Without comunity engagement you can't continue running a good community and you won’t have any  interaction. Communities exist but to identify them, give them a place and involve them, just sharing content is often not enough. Community engagement depends on the benefits for the members constituting it. Here are some techniques to start community engagement and more important, to keep it going. Check out these six emotional community engagement tips. 1. Get people to tell stories. People love to share themselves with others. If you become a conduit for this type of communication between people, you will capture the emotions of your audience like no other. You get bonus points if you provide a large audience for the true performers in your ranks. … [Read more...]

Improving Customer Retention Using Online Customer Communities

Customer communities and other community types - source Dion Hinchcliffe on ZDNet

Online customer communities are great ways to boost customer retention and move from retention to customer loyalty or even advocacy. Customer retention is one of those business issues that generally don’t get attention until a crisis occurs. That is, the customers actually begin to leave. At this point, executive focus turns almost exclusively to the problem at hand. However, organizations need not wait until customers are jumping ship. Once this occurs, companies often find themselves scrambling in search of ways to retain those customers. Online customer communities are key to retaining customers, and strategies can be put in place well before a crisis has materialized. Socious has six great tips at their blog. … [Read more...]

Top Six Reasons Why You Should Use LinkedIn as a B2B Marketer

LinkedIn is by far most the important social network to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals in general and thus one of the major platforms in B2B social media (and increasingly in content marketing). The network allows you to build relationships, establish thought leadership, generate leads, gain insights, conduct market research, improve reputation and build online communities. 1. Create awareness and improve reputation. LinkedIn is an ideal platform to increase your online presence. With more than two professionals signing up on LinkedIn every second, businesses have the opportunity to network with an increasing number of interesting contacts.  Using the different personal and group features in LinkedIn, companies and the people representing them can all improve their visibility and credibility, both as individuals and (thus) as a brand. … [Read more...]

The Internet: A Decade of Explosive Growth and Changes

10 years internet

Can you still imagine a world or business without Internet? Almost impossible, isn’t it? Especially young people often wondered how their parents managed things without Internet over a decade ago. Shopping, research, communication, these days it all happens online. created an infographic, 'The Internet, A Decade Later', showing the change of the internet the past 10 years. Some numbers are really astonishing. Did you know that just a decade ago the average download time of a webpage was 16 seconds (!) and today only 6 seconds? And even back then was downloading music quite popular, but it took 12,5 minutes on a 56k modem, today only 18 seconds! … [Read more...]

Joe Pulizzi: Content Marketing Strategy First!

Content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi at the Social Marketing Forum roundtable in 2010

Earlier this week, we posted about Lee Odden’s interview with SAP's Michael Brenner on content marketing at the occasion of Content Marketing World 2012 and the content marketing eBook Lee published. In the interview the importance of a solid content marketing strategy was mentioned. Lee Odden also interviewed content marketing godfather Joe Pulizzi, the organizer of the event and founder of the Content Marketing World 2012. We interviewed Joe a few years ago and organized a first content marketing roundtable with him, back when we helped launching the European version of the Chief Content Officer magazine. In the interview with Lee, Joe explains what has changed in the use of content marketing and how his work with content as a marketing asset evolved. Of course, he also provides some content marketing tips! However, most of all he stresses the importance of having a good content marketing strategy. … [Read more...]

20+ Staggering Stats Proving Why the Time to Use Social Media is Now

What happens in an Internet minute - source Intel

Businesses that don't use social media for marketing or customer service reasons now will miss out on business and, worse, actually lose business! Social business and social media are no longer an option. It’s not hype, it’s a fact and here are some good reasons why the time to use social media is now. Forrester just released some data on the growth of the online population. The numbers are impressive. Among, others due to the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the mobile Web, Internet usage will boost. Just consider these facts in case you doubt whether your business and employees should use social media and you should embrace social business (remember, go in with a plan!). … [Read more...]

HootSuite Acquires Seesmic and Goes for Corporate Gold

HootSuite welcomes Seesmic users

HootSuite acquires Seesmic. It's probably the news of the day in social media land. There are several reasons to assume HootSuite is going for the corporate user. HootSuite started out as one of the many social media management tools many years ago. However, the company has been continuously innovating and adding new features, making it increasingly more interesting than several other social media management tools with similar and even higher price points. HootSuite recently integrated a bunch of new productivity social apps to its app directory, including SocialBro, GoPollGo, NeedTagger and Videolicious. And so today news hits HootSuite acquires Seesmic. … [Read more...]

Twitter Launches New Embedded Twitter Timelines

Setting up the embedded Twitter timeline source - click to enlarge

Twitter today launched an embedded Twitter timelines widget feature. You have different options to pick the content (tweets and tweeted pictures) you want to show and of course there are some settings regarding look and feel. The embedded Twitter timelines widget can be created from within your Twitter account if you’re not a developer (information for developers here). The new feature allows you to display tweets from a user's timeline, favorites and list. You can also enter a hashtag for which you want the tweets to show. When the widget is created, you get a few lines of HTML and script code you can simply enter wherever you want. Embedded Twitter widgets: interaction where it matters The interesting thing is that interaction happens from within the blog, webpage or homepage you embed it on. That's a first and probably not a last. Such features can make it easier to let the interaction happen where it matters most for many of us: on our home bases on the Web. … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Evolutions and the Essence of Successful Content

The three factors of successful content according to InboundWriter

Content marketing ranks high on the agenda of most marketers. Buyers increasingly seek content to inform themselves and prepare their buying journey as surveys keep showing. Succesful content needs to be optimized for your business goals and the goals of your audiences. It's the purpose of content marketing. Although there is a clear evolution towards more 'visual' forms of content, eBooks, blog posts and other written content marketing formats remain important too. The fact that search engines are still crucial sources of traffic plays a big role here. Blog post headlines are good ways to attract attention, for instance. … [Read more...]

Should businesses ignore Facebook for B2B marketing?

Facebook in B2B Marketing (vs Linkedin) Infographic

The first social network that comes to mind when thinking about B2B social media marketing is obviously LinkedIn. However, what about Facebook? Is it suitable for business-to-business? Of course it all depends on your market, goals and target groups. An overview and an infographic. Business buyers are people and they also use Facebook. Although Facebook is generally less used in the buying process than blogs and LinkedIn, it certainly shouldn’t be ignored. While many strictly distinguish between Facebook as the ‘consumer environment’ and LinkedIn as the B2B place-to-be, in many countries and demographics Facebook is so popular that professionals use it both for personal and business reasons. They simply know how to distinguish between friends, family and professional contacts. Furthermore, there is a new generation of B2B buyers: the social ones. They are more used to social platforms and can be compared with the ‘connected consumer’. … [Read more...]

Main Barriers for M-Commerce: Mobile Behavior and Experiences Matter

M-commerce is set to soar

A recent survey by Webcredible looked in-depth at the behavior of smartphone users. The survey indicates that they do not use mobile commerce (a.k.a. m-commerce) more extensively for some easy-to-solve main reasons. When focusing more on the mobile shopping experience, many of these barriers for m-commerce can be overcome. The three issues that concerned smartphone users and prevented them from using their devices to engage in m-commerce revolve around:. Safety and security. Connectivity. Screen size. … [Read more...]

Viral Video: Using a Ballerina for B2B marketing

Viral video Volvo trucks

A viral video is a not something you can order at your local agency. You can create a video and design for virality but in the end, it’s the audience that decides if it goes viral or not. It all depends on the content of the video and what it triggers, often more than on the quality. The most successful videos are home videos, the humorous ones or the ones that touch emotions (which doesn't always mean a tear or a smile as is too often the case). Ingredients for a viral video are simple: make it unique, something so special people want to share it with their friends. From a B2B perspective, however, it's not always easy to come up with a good idea for viral marketing success. Or so it seems... … [Read more...]

How to improve personal branding? Get yourself ranked in Google!

Personal Branding Google Ranking

So you want to be perceived as an expert, the one person people should turn to when they have a difficult question? You want to get more speaker opportunities; you want to sell your first eBook? Time to start with your personal branding campaign. It’s a no-brainer that you should blog, however don’t forget your presence on social media. Google ranks personal social profiles quite well, so make sure you are there for personal branding reasons. However, which network should you choose? Which is the most important one? According to data summarized in the personal branding infographic of BrandYourself below, the major player is Linkedin. Not really surprising as it is currently the most important business and work related social network and community. … [Read more...]

Display Advertising on Facebook versus Google: Who Wins?

Facebook versus Google advertising - source Wordstream

Although Facebook and Google are very different platforms, they have common revenue streams: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising whereby contextual relevance, targeting and sharing are essential. With Google AdWords display advertising and text ads, you can achieve a good ROI but what about Facebook? Facebook has been testing several methods and formats lately, although not with big success. So it seems. The discussions on the effectiveness of Facebook ads have received lots of attention with many different opinions and quite some hype. Wordstream, a Search Engine Marketing agency, earlier this year collected some data on the display advertising and overall reach and efficiency of Facebook and Google and presented them in a (rather loaded) comparative infographic. … [Read more...]

Conversion: 18 Reasons Why People Leave your Website

KISSmetrics - required registration

Attention and interest are scarce on the Web. So, when you have the attention of the Internet user taking the effort to visit your site, it's important to provide them what they want fast, the safe route to conversion. Removing hurdles to that quest is one of the goals of conversion optimization. Take away frustrations and optimize the customer experience. Kissmetrics made an interesting infographic, showing eight reasons why people leave a website and adding tips to avoid it. We added a few more so you can have a better conversion rate by looking at what people want and...don't want. … [Read more...]

Six Quick Tips to Get Blogging Ideas


You want to share your knowledge and be a regular blogger? You write but run out of inspiration now and then? You want to get some ideas to blog about fast? You want to write about topics that are interesting for readers but don't know where to start? Check out the following six quick and easy tips to get it done. 1. Use Google Alerts to inform you about latest industry news With Google Alerts you can easily track news and find interesting new content about topics that inspire you. Don’t create too many alerts; focus on three main search terms. Alerts can be delivered into your mailbox or sent as a feed. … [Read more...]

QR Codes: Focus on the Benefit, not the Technology

QR codes infographic

Using QR codes is an easy way to connect with your customers and prospects. However, most of the time they are used from an ‘innovation’ perspective rather than being part of a mobile strategy. Did you ever wonder why your QR code is not used, or is not leading to the expected results and goals? Probably, because your boss just wanted to step into the hype or your agency told you so. However, nor your site, nor your target audience was ready. … [Read more...]

London 2012: More Tweets in One Day than During the Whole Bejing Games

London 2012 ruled on Twitter - source BT

The London 2012 Olympics are over but more data are popping up, showing the social and digital dimension of the Games. Several media and blogs already looked at Twitter stats and other numbers but what about the peaks and the actual data traffic? In a blog post, BT shares a few numbers. As the company took care of the infrastructure, you won’t find them anywhere else. … [Read more...]

The Untapped Brand Advocacy Potential of Loyalists

Customer loyalty

Brand advocates are among the most powerful sources of social recommendations, word-of-mouth and sales in this social era. However, businesses ignore or forget many possibilities to enhance brand advocacy tapping into the power of specific groups, including loyal customers. 27.5% of marketers even admit they have not mobilized brand loyalists and loyal customers to become active advocates. Furthermore, there is an untapped brand advocacy potential regarding the 'regular Joe' and even the own workforce. As the infographic below by NBRII shows, 20% of businesses don't even have a strategy for customer loyalty (let alone, brand advocacy). The solutions are simply and the reasons to improve customer loyalty are diverse. However, it requires work and planning. … [Read more...]

Western Europe to See Smartphone Usage Double by 2015

Western Europe to See Smartphone Usage Double by 2015

According to a new report from eMarketer, mobile web usage in Western Europe will double by 2015. There have certainly been a number of predictions the past few months hailing huge growth in the smartphone market around the world and the UK, France German, Italy and Spain are another fertile growth market according to eMarketer. Smartphone usage is booming. According to eMarketer’s estimates, 58 million of the EU-5 population will access the internet from a mobile device this year. That’s a pretty large number and as those people fall in love with mobile access, they’ll spread the word to many others. The report also states that Europeans in general are already fairly accepting of mobile marketing efforts. It claims consumers in Europe already have a willingness to interact with brands and have an appetite for perks such as coupons and special offer alerts. … [Read more...]

Six Tips for Viral Marketing Success

digital earth

Viral marketing is one of the most applied methods in online marketing. The arrival of social media and the integration with other interactive marketing methods like email marketing and video, gives every campaign the potential to rapidly spread across the world wide web. Viral marketing has similarities with word-of-mouth and referral marketing, but is not quite the same. With viral marketing the focus lies more on wide spreading. In the first place, a viral marketing campaign's success depends on the willingness of people to share the story. … [Read more...]

Don’t Do Social, Be Social

being social and open versus being closed and not social

A fundamental rule among many arts, especially writing is that you must be willing to share yourself to some degree. In order to connect with your audience, you have to open up to allow for those connections. This doesn’t come at all easy to everyone or even most, but it comes much harder to corporations and marketers. Social media consultant, Jay Baer blogged recently about business must be ready to “Open the Kimono” and give people a glimpse of your corporate culture. It's so obvious but still so difficult for many. “Just showing up to the party and treating social media like something else for you to check off your corporate to-do list doesn’t humanize your company. It doesn’t create kinship. It doesn’t drive purchase intent.” – Jay Baer As Jay points out, you don’t just ‘do’ social you have to ‘be’ social! Let that thought percolate a bit. It’s not about the tools or the agencies or the stats. It’s about having a culture in your company which IS social. This means more … [Read more...]

Three Easy Tips To Build Long-Term Social Media Relationships

social media marketing and business networking concept

On social media there are quite some marketers  that rush to provide a solution to problems that exist in the now. They sometimes end up succeeding, social media marketing can be used for short-term purposes (for instance some forms of direct marketing, traffic building and even lead gen). However, social media marketing, just like all forms of marketing, is mainly about long-term relationships: building relevant interactions with prospects and customers that lead to a two-way increase of value and loyalty. … [Read more...]